Poison Brewer by Inga Hunter ... Forest People, 12th Century Post ImperiumForest People, 12th Century Post Imperium: The job of poison brewer is to to make poisons and for different purposes to form them with the plants and roots that are needed. For the arrows, a fast-moving poison is required, which will stick firmly to the arrow tip and will not spread easily, which will cause accident-free accidents. Poisons used in envy are usually in liquid form so there is no confusion between the two and the greatest care is taken in the use of all venoms. In each society, Brewer usually keeps stocks of poisoned people and allocates them to various people according to them. This keeps a check on the use of poisons and keeps stocks out of children. Poison Brewer is always living on the highest platform, both for safety, and for fear that terrible fumes of the ship will not disturb or harm other residents.


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