The integrated reveal base enables the straightforward creation of the revealed wall base detail.Often, an elegant solution to the problem of niggling comes because the jury is a practitioner like Jinhee Park, “I need him now”. This is the same as the Integrated Reveal Base, a cleverly designed system that provides the popular one. Open edge detail to withstand the precision of a continuous, stainless steel canal. A gypsum wallboard is inserted into a welded J-cord with factory weldings. One coat of plaster finishes the surface and hides the equipment, provides precise details with minimal handwork and provides a reduced potential for sagging plaster or unequal clearance. “It’s simple, but I’m very happy that somebody solved [the problem] and solved it,” said Gordon Gill, a jury member. “I can not tell you how often this has become a distress. This is not rocket science. But it’s very precious. ”


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