Wedgewood stove

-The first features that you need to pay attention to when purchasing is that the machine has good heat and electrical insulation. The hob and oven compartment should be easy to clean in terms of hygiene. The enamel and smooth cooking area is an advantage for hygienic cleaning.

-If you want to control your food easily without opening the lid during cooking, you can choose products with glass lids.

-If you care for easy handling, the various accessories, telescopic shelves and adjustable feet offered in your oven will give you the advantage of easy handling.

-If you care about your safety, you can choose gas cooktop products that cut off the gas flow when the cooker hatches out for any reason.

-If you want to grill in your oven, you can choose static ovens. Static furnaces have top and bottom resistances. By firing both resistances; it is possible to grill only by using the upper resistance.

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